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We are happy to help you find more information about our favorite subjects: Honey, Beekeeping, and Animals. Please feel free to visit the websites below, they are full of information that you may find useful. Visit often as we will continue to add links as we discover them. If you have a link that you would recommend, email it to us.



National Honey Board - resources for producers and consumers.

Honey Locator - find a local supplier of honer in your area here.

Honey.com - information worth reading.

Betterbee - source for honey and beekeeping related items.

Knight Family Honey - a friend who also supplies honey and Bees.

Beekeeping and Related Links:

MakeMead.NetLearn how to make mead, find interesting recipes, and tips and tricks to improve your brewing.

Bee Commerce - supplies.

Mann Lake - supplies.

Dadant - supplies.

Frappr - beekeepers chat, pic post and chat.

Crownbees - mason bee information and products.


Pine Meadows - this is where we buy most of our ingredients and containers.


Petbugs - free classifieds, caresheets and discussion forums.

Kingsnake - pay classifieds, caresheets, discussion threads and others.

Insectnet.com - free classifieds and discussions

Reptilefood - feeder insects for pets; crickets, mealworms, waxworms, earthworms and more.

Rodentpro - frozen feeders for snakes and other large carnivorous pets.

Allpet Roaches - information about roaches. Excellent site with photos and links.

Roaches of the World - for purchasing roaches and other inverts.

Elytra and Antenna - supplier of excellent invertebrates. Also a link to subscribe to Invertebrates Magazine.

The Complete Naturalist - supplier of field collection, mounting and other supplies.

Genetic Wizard - helps determing genetic possibilites with specific traits.

Chin World - supplier of a wide variety of Chinchilla related items.

American Tarantula Society - links, information; and excellent resource.


Paypal - tool for payments, free to set up.

Google - the best seach engine around.

Ebay - do you really need to know?

California Carnivores - supplier of carnivorous plants.


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