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Label Image
Image Credit
Gender/Scent Description
Amber coming soon coming soon Feminine
Angel type coming soon coming soon Feminine
Anise anise


user - kris b

ID - 499901

Masculine, like black licorice but stronger; reminiscnet of decadent absinthe.
Apple Jack applejack ? For both genders, a light scent, terrific fresh apple aroma with cinnamon, hints of clove and orange.
Autumn Harvest fall spice ? Primarily feminine, hints of cranberry, spices and autumn citrus. It’s the scent of fall on a cool evening and the crunch of fallen leaves.
Baby Powder babypowder


user - egvdigital

ID - 769544

For babies - the classic scent of baby powder.
Black Pepper black pepper


user - kris b

ID - 478978

Masculine, woodsy and rich, from essential oil
Black Pepper and Lime black pepperlime


see black pepper above and lime below for photo credits.

Masculine, a unique combination that leaves a clean scent.

Blackberry Sage Tea



user - imelenchon

ID - 32984

Feminine; juicy blackberries blended with aromatic sage tea for a soothing aroma.
Blueberry Cobbler      
Bubblegum bubblegum


user - DawnAllyn

ID - 783847

For Kids and Babies, the classic scent of pink bubblegum.
Camphor coming soon coming soon Either, medicinal, hot
Cedarwood cedarwood


permission pending

Masculine, fresh scent with a sensation of texture, warmth, and sensuality; bergamot, lavender, and coriander with sandalwood, cedarwood, amber and musk.
Cinnamon cinnamon


user - radchc1

ID - 208540

From essential oil, warm and soothing.
Citrus and Sage citrussage


Citrus -

Sage: user - beatlemac, ID - 834502

Either gender, warm tones of citrus and sage for a soothing clean smell.
Clove clove


permission pending

Masculine; strong clove scent.
Cool Water Musk cool water


user - proxy

ID - 28941

Masculine; Cool Water has top notes of citrus, black currant and pineapple; honeydew, muguet and water lily round out the middle with amber and mulberry base notes to finish this powerful scent.
Coconut and Lemongrass coming soon coming soon

Either, deeply tropical

Cucumber Melon coming soon coming soon Feminine, a mix of cucumber and musky melons
Desert Sage desert sage


permission pending

Feminine, musky with herbal overtones.
Dirt coming soon coming soon Masculine, pine forest loam scent

Dragon's Blood

dragon blood


user - pontuse

ID - 521649

Either, this is an earthy, masculine scent with a hint of spice, reminiscent of dark woods and mystery.
Egyptian Musk lotus


user - pjhudson

ID - 133563

Feminine; deep, dark, sensual and musky.
Eucalyptus eucalyptus


used with permission

Either gender, strong from essential oil
Exotica coming soon coming soon Feminine, alluring, sensual
Frankinscense and Myrh frankincense ? Either gender, a true, musky incense, invoking ancient cities and shadowed streets of the bazaar.
Frosted Cupcakes coming soon coming soon Either, luscious warm scent.
Ginger ginger


user - prraven

ID - 192205

Either; light scent of ginger roots and flowers.
Gingerbread Cookies gingerbread


user - ?

ID - ?

Only available around Christmas; gingerbread with overtones of clove and nutmeg.
Grandma's Kitchen grandmas kitchen ? Primarily Feminine, the aroma of rich, creamy vanilla with a touch of fresh ground cinnamon sticks. Every whiff of crust, nuts, sugar and spices, bubbling hot fruit, still lingers in our Grandma's kitchen!
Happy Baby happybaby Neil Shelley Our version of the classic baby lotion.
Honey Almond honey almond

Almond: morguefile.com, user - jeltovski, ID - 107277

Honey - ?


Either gender although primarily feminine; a mix of sweet almond and honey.
Island Pinapple pineapple


user - woodsy

ID - 1040666

Either gender, fresh pineapple fragrance.
Jasmine jasmine


user - clarita

ID - 34197

Feminine, heavily floral.
Lavendar lavendar


user - kahle

ID - 37315

Feminine, a distinctive flower/herb scent.
Lavendar & Lilac coming soon coming soon Feminine, sweet lilac combined with calming lavendar
Lemongrass lemongrass ?

Either; lemony scent - reminscint of Thai cuisine.

Lilac coming soon coming soon

Feminine, sweet fragrant liliac blossoms


Lime lime


user - adripoveda

ID - 767478

Either gender, strong citrus aroma that is clean and fresh.
Madagascan Vanilla coming soon coming soon

Feminine, deep vanilla fragrance


Mango and Mandarin mango mandarin

Mango:sxc.hu, user - goodsignal, ID - 478728

Mandarin: sxc.hu, user - Rybson, ID - 648734

Either gender, a wonderful combination of sweet mango with the slightly tart mandarin orange; fresh.
Monkey Farts monkey None - free domain. For the kids! Aunique blend of bananas, fresh grapefruit, with strawberries, kiwi, bubble gum and a touch of vanilla
Mother Earth mother earth


user - keeper182

ID - 744852

Masculine, a deep earth smell reminiscent of fresh turned fields.
Naked in the Woods coming soon coming soon

Either, description pendin


New Mown Hay coming soon coming soon Either but primarily feminine
Nutmeg nutmeg


user - tijmen

ID - 360021

Either, a spicy, warm and sweet odor; smells like the spice used in cooking, oriental and exotic
Oak Leaves and Acorns oak leaves


user - despool

ID - 458475

Primarily feminine, rustic pine, wild violets and fall leaves are the center of this intriguing scent.
Osmanthus osmanthus ubcbotanicalgarden.com Feminine, the scented flowers smell like apricots, jasmine, tangerine with a hint of green moss
Orange coming soon coming soon Either, sweet citrus fragrance, from essential oils
Oranges & Apples coming soon coming soon Either, a mix of sweet orange and red apples
Peach peach


user - cohdra

ID - 136490

Feminine, smells just like a peach fresh from the tree as you bite into it.
Peppermint peppermint


user - mattcoley

ID - 422536

Either; srong pepermint scent.
Pine Forest pine forest


user - Watje11

ID - 686520

Masculine, smell the loam and pine.
Pomengranate coming soon coming soon

Either, primarily feminine, description pending


Raspberry raspberry


user - messa

ID - 84434

Feminine, imagine the perfect sun-ripened, sweet berry that leaves your mouth watering.
Romance romance


user - palla

ID - 342314

Feminine, exotic and seductive, rich fruit aroma
Rose rose


user - mrscenter

ID - 103321

Feminine, the scent of roses.
Sandalwood sandalwood ? Primarily masculine, musky and smoky, exotic.
Sleepy Hollow sleepy hollow


used with permission

Either, a spicy brew of ginger, clove, molasses, and cinnamon with citrus orange.
Sleepy Time sleepy time


user - xymonau

ID - 702362

For babies, a mix of chamomille and lavendar for a soothing after bath but just before bed scent.
Spearmint coming soon coming soon Either, light spearment scent, from essential oil
Strawberry strawberries


user - gracey

ID - 122148

Either, but primarily feminine, an unrestrained burst of deliciously wild strawberry.
Tobacco coming soon coming soon Feminine, from the flower, not the leaf, deeply floral perfume
Tropical Coconut coconut


user - bizior

ID - 598633

Either, rich coconut smell.




user - siilur

ID - 108504

No scent at all so either gender. Good for those who are sensitive to fragrances.
Vanilla vanilla


permission pending

Either but primarily feminine, smells just like vanilla.
Vanilla Creme vanilla creme


user - Justben

ID - 118698

Feminine, just like vanilla but creamier.
Violet violets


user - ladyaustin

ID - 553527

Feminine, just like the flower.
Volturi type coming soon coming soon descrpition pending
Wine & Roses coming soon coming soon Feminine - red rose with hints of oaky wine
Out of Stock Fragrances
All Spice all spice


user -cypris

ID - 710983

Either gender, a spicy, aromatic blend of clove, cinnamon, and ginger, warm and rich.

Angel Kisses



user - createsima

ID - 438327

Feminine, a deeply sensual and musky smell, very reminescent of the perfume Angel.
Apple apple


user - hotblack

ID - 145903

Either but primarily feminine, a light apple scent, reminds one of summer under the shade of a tree.
Basil basil


user - marsy

ID - 817391

Essential oil, earthy and strong for either gender.
Christmas Splendor
xmas splendor


user - ladyheart

ID - 146712

Only available around Christmas; a fabulous yuletide combination of spice, woods, green apple, pineapple, orange, clove, cinnamon, and cardamon with a hint of vanilla and balsam fir.
Cucumber cucumber


user - ngould

ID - 421162

Feminine, sweet with a hint of vegetable.
Mixed Spice anisenutmegcloves

Anise: sxc.hu, user - kris b, ID - 499901

Nutmeg:sxc.hu, user - tijmen, ID - 360021

Cloves: organicindia.com

Our own blender of Anise, Nutmeg and cloves for a musky scent for either gender.
Oatmeal, Milk and Honey oatmeal milk honey

Oatmeal: sxc.hu, user - sritenou, ID - 781619

Milk:sxc.hu, user - tellgraf, ID - 649424

Honey: sxc.hu, user - atroszko, ID - 624789

Either but primarily feminine. Smells like a nice breakfast!
Passion Flower passion flower


user - raior

ID - 852535

Either, deeply sensual and musky, a very heavey scent.
Pear pears USDA Feminine, fesh, fruity and green.
Plumeria plumeria


permission pending

Feminine, bright fruit notes of green apple, peach, berries and a rich floral heart introduces jasmine and lily of the valley.
Rain Forest rain forest


user - ChanMuk

ID - 581886

Either, a musky scent.
Thyme thyme


user - nkzs

ID - 1004571

Either gender, from essential oil, strong scent.


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