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 Honey for 2023 Coming in September

Our honey is 100% natural, raw, "as organic as you can get", polyfloral* source from just outside Parsons Kansas.   We process our honey utilizing a straining method that removes only the larger particulate material which leaves in pollen grains for increased taste and health benefits.

Wild Attitude! Honey comes in a variety of sizes from small 8oz containers up to 5lb jugs. We do not sell large buckets of honey; we do custom fill containers for events up to the 5lb size. Below you will find a listing of the typical sizes we carry and their costs. For Ordering information, click HERE.

We can provide custom fill on honey containers for local customers ( Labette County and the surrounding four states areas ). The price on custom fill is per pound plus 10% surcharge, the current price on our honey is $10.00/lb. We can also source containers for custom fills.

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8oz Honey
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12oz Honey Comb
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Note that bottles will have labels on them when purchased; honey color will vary from that shown. Container style may vary from image above.

* Polyforal is a term indicating that the honey is from many different flower/nectar sources. In the past, we have used the term "wildflower" which is generally accepted in the industry. However, the reality is that our honey is made by the gathering of many different floral sources, including wildflowers, but also including all manner of plants that are native, cultivated and introduced throughout our area. Essentially, we feel that polyfloral more accuratley describes the source of our honey and choose to use that term.


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How to Order: Call or email to place your order. We do not typically carry stock of items and fill orders as they are placed.


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Contact Us by Email or write to Wild Attitude!, PO Box 818, Parsons, KS 67357  

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