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We are pleased to present this page on beekeeping. Here you will find information on beekeeping including a monthly "what to do calendar", general information, suggested reading materials, and pictures of our beekeeping operation. We will update frequently with new pictures and thoughts so come back often!

Beekeepers Calendar - rather than update this calendar, we recommend you visit the Utah County Beekeepers Association Calendar page - click HERE. Keep in mind that this for Utah Valley; for an association near you go here.

Beekeeping Information:

Here you will find some useful information and resources for beekeeping.

For beekeepers in Utah Valley, don't forget to join the Utah County Beekeepers Association; you can visit their website at www.utahcountybeekeepers.org. If you are looking for supplies in Utah Valley, please contact Knight Family Honey's The Beekeepers Shop.

Local Vernon County MO information coming soon.

Suggested Reading Materials.

Magazines - Bee Culture and the American Bee Journal. Subscritptions to these magazines are reasonable and can suply you with tons of useful information.

Books - please see the table below for books we recommend. You can never know too much ! These are NOT in any particular order.

Title Author Publisher ISBN (if known) Notes
Beekeeping: The Gentle Craft John F. Adams Doubleday UK  
Beekeeping for Dummies Howland Blakiston Hungry Minds 0-7645-5419-0 The best book we can recommend for all beekeepers.
The World Of Bees Murray Hoyt Bonaza Books UK  
How to Keep Bees and Sell Honey Walter T. Kelly The Walter T. Kelley Company UK  
Honey Plants Harvey B. Lovell Gleanings in Bee Culture UK  
Beekeeping Werner Metzer Barrons UK German author, very basic information.
Honey Bee Parasites, Pests, Predators and Diseases Penn State University Penn State University UK Great information for beekeepers on recognition and control of the subject matter.
The Beekeeper's Handbook Diana Sammataro Peach Mountain Press 0-931850-01-0  
The Spirit of The Hive Dallas Lore Sharp Harper and Brothers UK This one may be hard to find, out of print.
At the Hive Entrance H. Storch European Apicultural Editions UK Great book on evaluating the hive without opening it,strongly recommend.
Practical Beekeeping Enoch Tompkins Garden Way Publishing 0-88266-091-8  
First Lessons in Beekeeping C.P. Dadant Dadant Publications 0-915698-02-1  
Mites of the Honeybee Thomas C. Webster, Editor Dadant Publications 0-915698-11-0  
Keeping Bees John Vivian Williamson Publishing 0-413589-19-5  

Pictures of our Operation:

Here are some pictures of our beekeeping operation, we hope you enjoy them. We will add more as time progresses.

1st hiveOur first hive.install pkg Installing the package.bees and queen Going into the hive.

mid summer Midsummer of the first year. crowd out front A crowded landing board in summer.

end of yearEnd of the first year before harvest. dubai1 A wild hive in Duabai, UAE

dubai2The same hive, different angle. If you look close, you can see some queen cells.

hive2 A hive in the backyard. af yard Our bee yard in American Fork, Utah.

Swarm Images First swarm caught in 2005.Second swarm of 2005.

A honey disply in Kiev, Ukraine A decorated hive in Kiev, Ukraine




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