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Have you been looking for baby care items that are safe and natural? Look no further! We have formulated the following products for our own children and they will be great for your kids as well!

Baby Lotions

Baby Bum Balms


Baby Lotions -A luxurious lotion that smells good, but isn’t overpowering; lasts for a long time and doesn’t feel greasy. Safe for your baby’s and childrens skin because we use only high quality oils and butters to make this lotion. We do not use mineral oil since it is likely to clog kids’ delicate pores. No colorants are added and the finished product is fairly hypoallergenic.*

While we have fragrances like Baby Powder, Sleepy Time, Happy Baby and Monkey Farts just for kids, these lotions are available in all 60 of our fragrances (see our Fragrance page), as well as the 2 container styles and 5 sizes.



Sizes and Costs



16oz Pump (not shown)    


Baby Bum Balms - Here we have a wonderful little bum balm for babies. This balm helps prevent rashes* and irritation from wearing diapers yet it is safe enough to use at every diaper change. Contains healthy oils, butters and lanolin to help soothe skin; also works greats for big kids and adults with minor skin irritations.
There are two types of balm in two sizes, regular and with propolis; propolis is highly anit-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral* so it will help with problem areas.


0.5 oz
with Propolis
0.5 oz
with Propolis



Other Products

Consider using some of our other products for your little ones.
Lip balms are also safe to use for any age group and because of the
beeswax are a natural 15spf*. Our 40spf equivalent* sunscreen is also
great to for use on your little ones when playing in the sun.

Farm   Exotics


* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA for accuracy.

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