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Wild Attitude! Apiaries started in 2007 as a venue for the resale of surplus honey from our hives. Later that same year, we were one of the first home based businesses to obtain a food establishment listing from the Utah Department of Food and Agriculture. To obtain this license, it is necessary to demonstrate the ability to control the sanitary conditions of the preparing environment and practices. This license allows us to extract, bottle and label our honey in our kitchen for resale to the general public.

It quickly became apparent that in addtion to honey, we could utilize the capping wax from our honey harvest to produce additional high quailty personal care products. After several classes, some trial and error and lots of research, we have finally developed recipes for the products you will find inside this guide that meet our strict requirements for quality.

In 2018 we moved from Utah to Missouri. There we found a larger plot of land where we could puruse more than just bees and we are exicted about our offerings to come in the near future. Soon we will be offering free range eggs, rabbit meat and furs, as well as fresh produce. Additionally, we will be expanding a side of our business for exotic pets such as snakes, small mammals, and invertabrates. Those new pages will be developed soon as we begin to have offerings.

We know that you will enjoy any of our products and we appreciate your business!
- Neil Shelley, Owner

About Our Logo:

The logo we have chosen is the Celtic Horned Serpent. Horned serpents are found in several cultures, notably, the Huron Indians of North America, the Celts of Ireland and the ancient Babylonians.

The Huron Indians attributed great healing powers to the horn of the great armored serpent, Oniont. It was said that should someone find a piece of this horn, they could cure any human illness.

The Babylonians actually had four types of horned serpents/dragons which they distinguished by the names mushussu, musmahhu, usumgallu and basmu. They were noted for their strength and ferocity.

The Celts had two images of the horned serpent; that which is shown here (ram horned) and another
that was a serpent with a rams head and horns. Healing powers were associated with this
supernatural creature.

Because of the healing properties of raw, all-natural honey and our other personal care products
(and the fact that we love snakes) made this a natural symbol for Wild Attitude! Apiaries.

For more information on magical creatures, we recommend reading Magickal Mystical Creatures by
D. J. Conway, published by Llewellyn Publications (www.llewellyn.com).



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